Party Terms & Conditions

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This page sets out the terms upon which you agree when you book your Birthday Party Package or Private Venue Hire with Chipmunks Playland & Café. We reserve the right to modify these terms at any stage without notice. This page will cover general party terms and conditions, birthday party packages, private venue hire, and the free return birthday certificate offer.

General Conditions

If your child has severe allergies or food issues, please communicate this with the store you are visiting for more clarity on exceptions.

All attendees should familiarise themselves with our playground rules, conditions of entry, and safety information, which are displayed in-store, as well as on our website.

Our facilities cater to children up to 11 years of age. Individuals 12 years and older are classified as adults; therefore, they are unable to use our playground equipment (as it is only suitable for children up to 11 years old).

Alcohol and smoking are strictly prohibited within the premises and in the surrounding parking areas.

All guests, including adults, must be wearing socks to enter the playground.

Chipmunks are not responsible for any personal belongings left on-site.

Prices and packages, including GST, are subject to change without prior notice.

Chipmunks may occasionally contact you for feedback and future marketing purposes.

If the store is unable to provide a specific party favour, present, or merchandise, they will substitute it with an alternative gift of comparable value.

The Chipmunks Head Office continuously improves our party packages. We aim to inform our customers promptly about any changes; however, we do not hold responsibility for any miscommunications that may occur.

All party bookings are confirmed through our reservation system, ROLLER. After you have completed your booking and made the necessary payments, you will receive a confirmation via the method you have provided during the booking process.

We expect all guests to maintain respectful and courteous behaviour during their visit to Chipmunks Playland. Any form of misconduct, including damage to property or causing discomfort to other guests or staff, may lead to eviction from our premises without a refund.

In case of any emergencies or unexpected situations, please report immediately to our staff. For more details on how to handle emergencies, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

We value your privacy and take steps to protect your personal information. All personal data collected during the booking process is handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy. For more details, please visit our Privacy Policy page.

If you have any questions or concerns about these Terms and Conditions or about your booking, please feel free to contact your local Chipmunks store for full details.

Chipmunks Playland & Café has the right to refuse entry.

Birthday Party Package Conditions

Our Birthday Party Packages are designed for children up to the age of 11. Those who are 12 years or older are considered adults. Please note, our playground equipment is specifically tailored for children aged 11 and under.

Our Birthday Party Packages are designed for a group of 8 children, including the birthday child. While each store’s party rooms have unique capacity due to varying sizes, if you wish to include more children, additional charges will apply. It’s essential to notify the store of any extra attendees at least 72 hours in advance. Although our ROLLER system reflects each store’s capacity, we advise reaching out to the specific store to understand their limits, especially if you anticipate adding children post-checkout and close to the booking date. This approach helps avoid any space issues or disappointments on the day.

Your booking is for two hours. During the first hour, the children can play, and the adults can sit at the reserved café tables. The private party room will not be ready until the second hour of your booking. In the second hour, you’ll move to your private party room, where your food will be served. You cannot enter the private party room earlier. You are more than welcome to stay and use the Playland after your two-hour booking; note, however, that you will not have access to the reserved café table and seating.

When you book a birthday party package, a $50 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your reservation. This is not just an upfront fee—it will be directly deducted from the total cost of your package. So, by the time you make the final payment, the $50 will have already been accounted for, reducing your outstanding balance.

All details, including the guest list, food platters, dietary restrictions, and full payment, should be confirmed no less than 72 hours before the party. If you are uncertain about the final guest count, provide a lower number. If additional guests attend, we can adjust accordingly, provided we are informed of the potential changes 72 hours prior to the event.

The remaining balance for your party package must be settled at least 72 hours prior to your scheduled booking. If you make a payment but then decide to cancel the booking, it is fully refundable, as long as it is more than 72 hours before the event; however, if you cancel the event within 72 hours of your scheduled booking, the full payment becomes non-refundable. This goes for all purchases related to the booking.

Please note that the $50 deposit is non-refundable.

While we strive to accommodate all dietary requests, there are situations where we might not be able to fully meet your needs.

Prices and packages, inclusive of GST, are subject to change without notice.

Following payment of the $50 deposit and receipt of booking confirmation, party invitations can be collected in-store. Some locations might offer mailing services; however, generally, in-person collection is required.

For additional café purchases, a café tab can be set up for your party. Credit card details may be taken as security, and full payment is due at the party’s conclusion.

A minimum of 1 adult per 8 children is necessary for supervision. Our staff members are not included in this ratio.

Packages are non-transferable and are valid only in the designated store.

Reserved Café Tables: Upon arrival at your birthday package event, 2 tables, which can seat either 8 adults or kids, will be reserved for you. This reservation lasts for 1 hour, prior to your party room becoming available. As soon as you move to the party room, the ‘reserved’ sign on your café tables will be removed to prepare for the subsequent party. If you intend to stay beyond the party room time, we advise having an adult secure another non-reserved table in advance. This ensures you’ll have a table ready after your party room time. For further clarity, or for details regarding this, kindly liaise with the store where you’ve made your booking. Please note: some stores have larger tables that can accommodate 8 guests, while others will use two café tables, with four guests per table. Please communicate with the store regarding any questions about table arrangements.

Outside food and drink are not allowed, with the exception of a nut-free birthday cake for those who have booked one of our birthday party packages.

Please advise us of any special dietary requirements. We cater for most allergies and dietary preferences. To ensure we can work with your requirements, please confirm details at least 72 hours before the party. Please note: we will always do our best to accommodate your changes; however, we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate these in every circumstance.

Your party room is allocated solely to your party for one hour. Our team will work closely with you on the day regarding timing and food logistics. Depending on the package you have booked, you might be assigned a party helper who will ensure that all elements of the package, from the appearance of our mascot, Charlie, to party gifts, are delivered as promised. However, party helpers are not dedicated hosts and may move in and out as required by the manager. It is therefore essential for guardians or parents to be actively involved in hosting and supervising the entire party at all times.

Re-entry after exiting Chipmunks Playland & Café is not allowed.

Post-party, Chipmunks Playland & Café might reach out for feedback to continue offering stellar parties.

It is imperative to adhere to the Chipmunks Playground Rules and our Terms of Entry. For a detailed summary, refer to our Terms and Conditions page and the store Playground Rules on our website.

Private Venue Hire Conditions

The private venue hire package is for up to 100 children. Additional children cannot be added on. The store will need to know the full guest list in advance, no less than 72 hours before the booking.

Our private venue hire packages are designed for children up to the age of 11. Those who are 12 years or older are considered adults. Please note: our playground equipment is specifically tailored for children aged 11 and under.

A private venue hire package lasts for 2.5 hours, spanning from 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm. This ensures exclusive access to all play zones and café seating areas. If you wish to extend your event, an additional hour can be secured for $200 during the checkout process. Keep in mind that any payments made are non-refundable if cancelled within 72 hours of the scheduled booking.

When booking a private venue hire package, a non-refundable deposit of $200 is essential to secure your reservation. This amount will be directly deducted from the overall cost of your package, reducing your outstanding balance.

Additionally, a $200 bond is required as security against potential issues such as uncleanliness, soiling within the playground, misuse of equipment, theft, breaking or damaging gear, venue damage, and to ensure that guests depart promptly.

The remaining balance for your private venue hire package, as well as the bond, should be paid a minimum of 10 working days prior to your event. Cancellations made more than 10 working days before the event will result in a full refund, excluding the $200 deposit.

If you cancel within 10 working days of the event, you will be charged a 50% cancellation fee.

Cancellations within 72 hours of the booking will make the entire payment non-refundable, covering costs associated with preparations and the limited window for new bookings. However, your $200 bond will be refunded within a week from the cancellation.

All details, including the guest list, additional food platters or Munch Meals, additional hour, and special dietary needs, require confirmation and payment at least 10 working days before the booking. All payments made within 72 hours of your booking are non-refundable.

Prices and packages, inclusive of GST, are subject to change without notice.

Packages are non-transferable and valid only for the designated store.

Alcohol and smoking are strictly prohibited within the premises and surrounding parking areas.

You may bring your own food; however, our kitchen is not available for preparation or cleaning, and, if serving meals, you must provide your own disposable utensils, plates, and rubbish bags.

If you are interested in additional café services, please notify us at least 72 hours prior to your booking. For any extra café purchases during your event, a tab can be set up. We may require credit card details as security, and the full payment for the tab will be due at the conclusion of your event. Alternatively, guests have the option to make direct purchases from the café.

In-store Purchases: If you’d like us to cover most of your food needs, please inform us more than a week before your event.

While we cater to most dietary requirements and allergies, please notify us of these 72 hours in advance. We will do our utmost to accommodate these, but cannot always guarantee that we will be able to.

At least 1 adult per 8 children is needed for supervision. Note: Our staff do not count towards this ratio.

Access to the venue is granted 15 minutes prior to your booked period. You are expected to vacate and tidy up the venue within 15 minutes of the end of your booking time. If there are any delays in clearing out, every additional 15 minutes will result in a $100 deduction from your bond.

Before your venue hire concludes, our staff will inform you that your booking time is nearing its end. Upon receiving this notification, it is your responsibility to ensure that your guests start preparing to leave the building.

Chipmunks’ private venue hire is offered exclusively outside of regular store operating hours.

Two staff members will be there to assist with the set-up and clean-up of your private venue hire. The team will do their best to help with the function.

After your event, Chipmunks Playland & Café may seek feedback to improve our service offerings and for marketing opportunities.

Compliance with the Chipmunks Playground Rules, Conditions of Entry, and Entry Terms is mandatory.

If required by your company, school, or organisation, we strongly recommend conducting your own risk assessment of our venue prior to your event. It is the responsibility of each customer to ensure that our facility meets their specific requirements and standards.

Munch Meals can be customised for your guests in the checkout process, but we provide the same kids’ drink option across all purchased Munch Meals. You will have the opportunity to select this drink through a form provided after you pay your deposit. We strive to accommodate each customer’s needs on the day of the event, allowing you to exchange your drink for another option. Please note: the selection of drinks that can be paired with our Munch Meals is limited to a certain range.

Merchandise Discount Special Price: Booking a private venue hire entitles you to purchase merchandise at a discounted price when buying one or more items. This discount is exclusive to Private Venue Hires, catering to larger quantity orders. On the day of your event, should you need more, you can still buy additional merchandise at the discounted rate. In cases where a specific product you’ve ordered is unavailable, the store will either offer a comparable product or provide a refund.

Birthday Certificate + Free Return Entry

Every birthday child celebrating with one of our three exclusive packages at Chipmunks Playland will receive a personalised birthday certificate, granting them a complimentary return visit. Please read through the following terms and conditions to fully understand this offer:

  • The birthday certificate is issued exclusively to the birthday child who has celebrated their special day at Chipmunks Playland.
  • The certificate is non-transferable and must be claimed solely by the birthday child.
  • For validation, the birthday certificate must be presented in good condition at the Chipmunks Playland location.
  • The complimentary return entry is valid for a single visit to Chipmunks Playland within one year from the child’s birthday. The expiry date is clearly indicated on the birthday certificate.
  • A parent or guardian must accompany the birthday child for the complimentary return visit.
  • The birthday certificate holds no cash value and cannot be exchanged for cash or other offers.
  • The birthday certificate cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts or promotions.
  • Chipmunks Playland reserves the right to modify or revoke the birthday certificate offer at any time without prior notice.
  • The free entry is only valid at the Chipmunks Playland location where the original birthday party was held. Please refer to the ‘Valid At’ section on the certificate if you are unsure.