Chipmunks Papanui

Playground Rules

At Chipmunks, our goal is to ensure that everyone has the best possible time. To make sure every child enjoys their visit, we have established some simple rules. Check out the following guidelines to learn how to make your next trip to Chipmunks the most fun and safest experience for everyone visiting.

Our Core Rules

Help us keep Chipmunks Papanui safe

We have a list of core playground rules at our Chipmunks Playland, which are easy to find and follow. If you have any questions about our rules, our friendly staff will be happy to assist you. Make sure to look out for our eye-catching signs within the playland to ensure that you are following our rules. For a detailed view of our core rules, please refer to the information below.

  • This playground is for 0 – 11 years only
  • No socks, no play
  • No outside food or drink
  • Adults, please actively supervise your children
  • We are not a childcare centre; parental responsibility prevails
  • No exit and re-entry allowed
  • Any accidents & incidents must be reported to management
  • We don’t accept responsibility for lost or stolen items
  • Smoking and alcohol is prohibited
  • Children must be toilet trained or wearing nappies in the ball pit

Slide Rules

Let them have maximum fun, while still prioritising safety

For everyone’s safety, please follow our rules and safety instructions when using the slides. We want to make sure that everyone has a fun and injury-free experience. Please refer to the slide rules provided below to ensure the kids are having an enjoyable and safe sliding experience.

  • 5 – 11 years only
  • No socks, no play
  • Slide feet first
  • No pushing or jumping
  • No adults

Our Play Zones

Designed for every stage of childhood

For the safety of our little guests, our playground is divided into sections designed for specific age groups. Each section is labelled with a name and age guide. Please refer to the following list for our age zones and corresponding age recommendations:

Please note that not all of our Playland locations have a designated Baby Zone area. To confirm whether your local Chipmunks has this zone, we recommend reaching out to them directly by utilising the link below to find their contact details.

Images may not reflect the appearance of the store near you
Chipmunks’ Wellness

Health check!

Before entering Chipmunks, please conduct a self-health check to help prevent the spread of flu and germs. Take a moment to review the following list and make sure that nobody in your group has experienced these symptoms in the past 48 hours.

Cold & Flu Symptoms

If anyone has experienced any of these symptoms in the past 48 hours, we kindly request that you come back to play another day.